Narsinh Govindrao Vartak English Medium High School and Junior College is positioned for a Dynamic world. The school runs classes from the Nursery to H.S.C. and the pupils at the end of their school career, qualify for S.S.C. and H.S.C. examination.

The institution follows the syllabus prescribed by the Maharashtra Board of Education. The medium of instruction throughout the institution is English. Options are offered in the languages and other academic groups to suit the child's individuality and capacity. We recognize the challenge of an inter - dependent and competitive world and the need for our children to adapt and excel in it.

We believe in education system that stimulates children to use their multiple faculties and think in connected ways , can better prepare them for success. At N.G Vartak School, we believe the parallel exploration a several subjects which makes education co-hesive and experience of learning ,an exciting one . Students achievement, in and outside the classroom, is the focus of our curriculum .

By helping children to think independently and look at any issue from more than one point of view,we believe,our curriculum will prepare them for life. An effective institution is one where the students are learning what they need to know in order to succeed in life.